Resorts - Item #24499  Peace Lodge Nature Park & Resort- Costa Rica

Peace Lodge Nature Park & Resort- Costa Rica

Peace Lodge
Capture the Essence of Costa Rica

The award winning Peace Lodge introduces its guests to a symphony of purely Costa Rican experiences celebrating the natural wonders of the rain forest and the splendid creatures that inhabit this magical environment.  Nowhere else on earth can guests feed toucans and hummingbirds by hand, release newly hatched butterflies into their first flight, look straight into the eyes of a jaguar, or observe the brilliant colors of a red eyed leaf frog from just inches away.  These experiences and many more create irreplaceable memories of a journey you wish to take again and again.

Our dedicated and friendly staff eagerly invites you to enjoy this special blend of nature and luxury that defines the Peace Lodge experience. 

Book through the BarterFirst Travel Department.  407-478-3156

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