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Timeshare Deals

All timeshare weeks below are 100% Barter - All Deeded Real Estate - All High End Resorts     

Orlando, FL, Marriott Royal Palms, 2 bd/8 Lockout, Silver, Fees $1350        $2000 Barter

Park City, UT, Marriott Summit Watch, 2 bd/8 Lockout, Gold, Fees $1450   $2000 Barter

Welk Resorts Club - 1 bd/4 EEY San Diego, Palm Springs, Cabo - Floats, Fees $400      
$1500 Barter

Las Vegas, NV, Holiday Inn Vacation Club, 2 bd/6, EOY Floats, Fees $320    $2000 Barter

Las Vegas, NV, Tahiti Vacation Club, 1 bd/4, EEY Floats, Fees $194               $1500 Barter

Mrytle Beach, SC, Ellington Plantation, 1 bd4, EOY, Floats, Fees $200           $1200 Barter                             



Owning one timeshare opens the door to hundreds of other travel opportunities and condo discounts.

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