The Deschutes Trade Exchange will

Grow Your Business & Save Your Cash !

The Deschutes Trade Exchange is part of a membership association made up of businesses, local and national, as members.  Businesses in the exchange buy and sell among themselves using trade dollars that are equal to U.S. dollars. 

The Deschutes Trade Exchange acts as a third party record keeper, just like a bank or credit union, providing monthly statements to our members.  Each member has a secure online account accessible 24/7.  All transactions are recorded according to trading policies and rules of the Deschutes Trdae Exchange and the IRS.

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Doing business in the Deschutes Trade Exchange is easy.

You Sell at full value to DTE members.- earn Trade $            

 Buy what you need from DTE members -  spend Trade $                                                                                                            DTE members shop in the exchange first  and save cash!           Grow Your Business - Save Your Cash !   


 JOIN NOW IN  Portland & Vancouver, Ore. 

    Contact: Paul Smith Ph: 360 . 627 . 0422                                                                         Gary Krutsinger Ph: 503 . 839 . 9223             

One time set up fee $50. You get $50 in trade dollars to start!                   Ask about promotions in you area!                                          

With your Deschutes Trade membership you will have complete access to our website, market place and traveln accomodations, with the added feature of a Trade Broker that you can call any time you need anything and they will find it for you.  Deschutes Trade members pay a 10% fee per transaction when they spend their trade dollars and $10.monthly fees ($5.00 cash $5.00 trade)    

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Where do buy and sell? THE MEMBERS AREA OF WEBSITE

Are there records of my transactions?  SECURE ONLINE ACCT.

Can I be assured this is legal?  RECOGNIZED BY IRS

Barter is a $20 billion annual business you can participate in? YES!

You can barter with 50,000 businesses regionally & nationally? YES!

As a hotel owner, can I barter rooms & invest trade dollars in my business? YES!

As I barter, can I save cash & use trade dollars for advertising? YES!

Can I sell & buy business needs such as improvements or painting? YES!

Can I sell & buy business needs such as marketing printing & web design? YES! 

In DTE, will I receive new barter & cash customers & referrals? YES!

Are DTE dollars an alternative currency to boost my spending power? YES! 

As I sell goods & services, can I invest my barter balance tax deductible? YES!

I understand there are no mandatory meetings to attend, is this correct? YES!

                   BARTER IS SMARTER

Our Mission:

The mission of Deschutes Trade Exchange is to build a strong local network of businesses who like to do business & utilize the power of organized trade to conserve their cash, grow their customer base & benefit from new customers & referrals. 


Office@deschutestrade.com  (541) 639.7569




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